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4.8A Bus Charger

Ing Ideal ditubuhkan secara rasmi pada tahun 2015, sebagai Pengilang Pengecas Bas China 4.8A profesional dan kilang Pengecas Bas China 4.8A, kami mempunyai kekuatan dan pengurusan yang kuat. Kami juga mempunyai lesen eksport sendiri. Kami berpegang pada prinsip orientasi kualiti dan keutamaan pelanggan, kami dengan tulus menerima surat, panggilan dan penyelidikan andar business cooperation. We assure you of our high quality services at all time.

The material of 4.8A Bus Charger is a mixture of nylon and fiber, which is a fireproof material. This product is widely used in buses, automobiles, ships, car houses, etc., and is suitable for almost all smart phones and other electronic devices. 

Pengecas Bas 4.8A dilengkapi dengan penutup gelongsor dan wayar 14 cm. Semasa mengecas, cincin yang dipimpin akan menyala dan ada 4 warna untuk dipilih.

Because the back of 4.8A Bus Charger is flat. This is a USB charger with a bus, which can be easily installed on the back of the seat or other surfaces.

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4.8A Bus Charger with CE certification made in China which is the newest and latest selling product.Its design follows the principle of advanced, durable, classy and fancy. As one of the Chinese brands, Ind Ideal is one of China 4.8A Bus Charger manufacturers and China 4.8A Bus Charger suppliers. It can be customized from our factory. You can buy discount 4.8A Bus Charger in bulk with a competitive price. It also has two years warrant, so you don't worry about the quality and quotation. If you need, we can give you our price list and free sample, we are looking forward to working with you.
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